How might we consider the full range of human diversity while engaging in problem-solving?

During this interactive workshop, educators and nonprofit professionals will explore the possibilities that lie at the intersection of culture, technology and design. Participants will have the opportunity to converse, question, analyze and design for the future while considering the full range of human diversity and people-first approaches to solving problems. This professional development workshop will also provide participants with an introduction to design, design processes, and Cooper Hewitt’s resources.

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The National Design Awards is the museum’s largest and most prominent education program, broadening access nationwide to the vision and work of the country’s design leaders and inspiring people of all ages to engage with design and design thinking. As part of the National Design Awards, Cooper Hewitt travels to various cities each year, connecting winners, past and present, to local communities.


The DISEÑO program is made possible by federal support from the Latino Initiatives Pool, administered by the Smithsonian Latino Center.