Celebrate the longest day of the year!

Celebrate Solstice Saturday with drop-in design activities in our Arthur Ross Terrace and Garden. These beginner activities are appropriate for ages 5 and over; no previous design experience is required. Held rain or shine.

Radical Designs for friends who swoop, slither, and hop

On a light green background, illustrations of a beagle, a bunny, a butterfly, a bird, a chicken, a chick and a rooster

Wallpaper: Kindergarten Cut-Outs. Produced by The Schmitz-Horning Company. Gift of Wallpaper Council, Inc. 1960-163-36.

What if cars were designed to be friendly to squirrels? What if glass buildings were designed to be safe for birds? Design solutions that help our furry friends have their fair share of the outdoors.

Sun Scope

A white five year old boy wearing a camouflage bucket hat peers through a sun scope, a telescope like device. It is in the middle of the day and the sun is shining brightly.

Photo: National Park Service / Hannah Schwalbe via Flickr

It’s never safe to look directly at the sun—but with a special sun scope, you can observe the fascinating, ever-changing star that warms us on summer days! Activity is weather permitting.

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Circle at top. Top half of circle is yellow, bottom half is turquoise. Solstice Saturday, Smithsonian sunburst logo are below the circle.