A series of short films created by directors and animators with disabilities, and a documentary exploring the story of a Barcelona design studio demonstrate how the disability experience influences the design process. Presented in partnership with ReelAbilities Film Festival: New York.

Alphabet Mission to Mars

A stop-motion animated film for children, created by a teen with autism, about letters and numbers on rescue mission to mars.

Directed by Nathaniel Snell. 8 min, USA, Narrative


The design studio La Casa de Carlota in Barcelona harnesses the unique skills of a creative team that includes members with Down syndrome and autism.

Directed by Otoxo Productions. 33 min, Spain, Documentary

Partially Compensated

A stop-motion animated film illustrating a child with Dyslexia’s experience in the classroom, and the difference made by understanding teachers who make that extra effort.

Directed by Krista Weltner. 11 min, USA, Narrative


An animated exploration of Misophonia, a disorder characterized by immense pain and agitation resulting from hearing common everyday sounds.

Directed by Gwyneth Christoffel. 5 min, Canada, Documentary


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Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan ReelAbilities Film Festival: New York