Marguerita Mergentime designed vibrant printed fabrics that enlivened 1930s American households with color, humor, and entertainment. A member of the influential American Union of Decorative Artists and Craftsmen, Mergentime worked alongside designers Donald Deskey, Russel Wright, and architect Frederick Kiesler.

In the recently published Marguerita Mergentime: American Textiles, Modern Ideas, Virginia Bayer, granddaughter of Mergentime, Linda Florio, graphic designer, and Donna Ghelerter, textile historian, explore Mergentime’s life and career, reintroducing her ideas on modern design, informal dining, and joyful living. The authors will be joined by Matilda McQuaid, Deputy Curatorial Director & Head of Textiles, for a conversation on Mergentime’s innovative work for Radio City Music Hall, the 1939 World’s Fair, and New York City department stores.

Book signing to follow.

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