Author: Elaine Gerstein

earth toned long circle bottomed vase
A Vase Designed by a Distinguished, But Forgotten Man
Hector Guimard (French, 1867-1942), architect, designer and craftsman, was best known for his iconic Paris Metro entrances (If visiting Paris, you may want to note this contribution).  Guimard heralded the Art Nouveau style to France at a time when historic references in the arts were losing favor. Art Nouveau brought a new vitality to the art scene...
black and red bowl with 15c italian detail
Museum Skyphos, a Mystery
The Museum’s skyphos, a small wine cup, is from 5th century BC Apulia in Southern Italy, a Greek region at the time. It is in the style of red-figure vase painting, a progressive technique that allowed for greater perspective, contouring of human form, expressiveness and emotional dimensions than the earlier black-figure style.  The technique, originating...
Symmetrical sitting room in pastel colors
Did Hofman have a change of heart?
Quirky and interesting, this elevation caught my eye as an object of the day to write about. I was especially drawn to the work, “Elevation Design for a Sitting Room, with Sofa, Two Chairs and Table”, because recently, the Cooper-Hewitt had a wonderful exhibit, House Proud, which was a look into 19th century rooms through watercolors. I...