Author: Russell Flinchum

The Swinger
In 1960, Edwin Land, founder of the Polaroid Corporation, approached American designer Henry Dreyfuss regarding their cameras. The Automatic 100 Land Camera, which allowed the photographer to remove the developing print as soon as the picture had been snapped, was the first new product to result from their collaboration. It exemplified the successful integration of the...
Black rotary telephone; transmitter/receiver handset sitting in cradle on raised body with square base; black metal finger wheel above white dial with black numbers; smooth cord, one end attached to handset transmitter and the other to back of telephone base.
The 302
When American designer Henry Dreyfuss began work as a consultant to Bell Telephone Laboratories (BTL) in 1930, he sought simplicity and unity of form in the installations of their equipment. He persuaded BTL to let him work with their engineers, and this collaboration resulted in the 302 telephone of 1937. The unified and balanced form...
Dome-shaped, matte gold plastic housing surrounding circular thermometer with clear plastic dial. Dark brown callibration numbers on upper portion of thermometer.
The round thermostat
Dreyfuss modernized the appearance of Honeywell’s thermostats in the 1930s; among the first was the Chronotherm, which incorporated a “digital” clock into its display. Dreyfuss was frustrated, however, that rectangular thermostats never seemed to hang squarely on the wall. Work began on a round thermostat in 1940. Placing all the elements in a circular form...
Design for John Deere tractor facing left to highlight front and side screens.
A redesigned tractor

In 1937, Deere & Company’s engineers decided that, while they knew how to create dependable and efficient tractors, what they needed was a more cohesive appearance that projected these qualities. They entered into consultations with industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss, which led to a more unified design of the tractor and all its different models.