Author: Alix Finkelstein

Preview the future!
Download the MX3D app to enjoy an augmented reality experience of Joris Laarman Lab's MX3D bridge.
Preview Design Legends | Joris Laarman
Enjoy this exciting preview of Director Caroline Baumann’s interview with Joris Laarman, founder of Joris Laarman Lab, for Cooper Hewitt’s Design Legends video series. Cooper Hewitt is the first U.S. museum to present a solo exhibition of this pioneering Dutch designer  pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the development and use of new technologies....
Inside the studio of Joris Laarman Lab
Inside Joris Laarman Lab
See how Joris Laarman Lab is using innovative technologies in the design fabrication process.
Speaking with Walter Hood on the redesign of the Arthur Ross Terrace and Garden
National Design Award winner Walter Hood, principal and founder of Hood Design Studio, was responsible for the final phase of Cooper Hewitt’s recent transformative renovation: the redesign and reimagining of the Arthur Ross Terrace and Garden. A landscape architect who has dedicated his career to public garden design, Hood, working in collaboration with RAFT Landscape...
Once again, we bear witness to our country's troubled history of racial violence. History demonstrates that we can become a better society but only if we collectively demand it from each other and our institutions. Quote from Secretary Lonnie G. Bunch III
A Statement from Secretary Bunch
Read the full statement from Secretary Lonnie G. Bunch III