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Sepia toned postcard with man sketching at drafting table with ornate fireplace in back. Top of postcard reads "Le Style Guimard"
Hector Guimard’s Standard-Construction System
A photo album in Cooper Hewitt’s collection documents the construction of a prototype house in Paris, France, that demonstrates the principles of Standard-Construction, a patented modular building system designed by French architect Hector Guimard in the early 20th century. Like many architects of his time, Guimard explored the possibility for standardization and prefabrication to streamline...
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Three rows of seven equally sized square images of objects in Cooper Hewitt's collection, showing the breadth and depth of the museum's holdings. Objects include a tv set, a clock, a birdcage, a Polaroid camera, and a red lamp.
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Installation view of "Hector Guimard" exhibition with large iron brackets on display in center platform, alongside an armchair in a glass vitrine.
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Sidewall, Wallpaper with space stations and rockets, ca. 1950 Poster, Mexico 68, 1967 Dessert Fork (France), ca. 1890 Poster, Eye Bee M (IBM), 1981 Print, Lapis Polaris pl. 2 of Nova Reperta, ca. 1575 PillPack, 2013 Poster, Tropon est l’aliment le plus concentré (Tropon, the most concentrated food supplement) Poster, This is the Enemy, 1943...