Author: Cooper Hewitt Staff

A photograph of a large brick and stone building that is set against a blue sky and a field of green grass stretched before it. Hung from the middle of the building is a rectangular rainbow flag, composed of six stripes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
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Top 100 Objects 2018
Sidewall, Wallpaper with space stations and rockets, ca. 1950 Poster, Mexico 68, 1967 Dessert Fork (France), ca. 1890 Poster, Eye Bee M (IBM), 1981 Print, Lapis Polaris pl. 2 of Nova Reperta, ca. 1575 PillPack, 2013 Poster, Tropon est l’aliment le plus concentrĂ© (Tropon, the most concentrated food supplement) Poster, This is the Enemy, 1943...