Author: Joanna Burgess

Birdcage of wooden slats, dowels and metal wire in the form of a church with peaked roof; walls of clerestory-like gothic style arches; at one end a rectangular bell tower with three large, circular, painted clock faces, and door with inverted heart-shape perforation. Wood and sheet metal under tray (b) pulls out at left side. Small loop handle of brass on roof.
Birdcage In The Form Of A Church
Playwright Jacques Deval once wrote, “God loved the birds and made trees. Man loved the birds and made cages.” I am much more content watching birds soaring and swooping. Still I can’t help but admire this finely designed piece of art. When I first saw this birdcage in the form of a church the word...
Suite of jewelry with gold filigree mounts around micromosaic oval scenes of Rome in cobalt blue borders; comprising a necklace centered by a view of St Peter's, with various ruins, and the Colisseum, and Pantheon; a pair of gold bracelets each with one arch view, a pair of earrings, and a pair of brooches.
A Parure To Remember
For years people have bought souvenirs as reminders of their journeys. They are an echo of the places visited and of the sights seen. Collecting souvenirs was an important part of the overall travel experience for the 19th-century tourist. To be seen as a person of the world was a status symbol, and was important...
Scrolled square frame with animal allegories of the Four Continents: camel, horse, lion and monkey; hinged quadrant, hour circle with gnomon and pendulum; in center, recessed circular box with compass needle, the face engraved with mermaid and triton; set on three adjustable legs.
A Portable Equatorial Sundial
Here is an object that any traveler, especially myself, would be happy to pop in their bag. That will not come to pass, but I can still ponder how I would impress fellow adventurers with this beautiful gilt brass, steel and glass wonder. This portable equatorial sundial, of 1748, is a finely crafted instrument by Jacob...
Folding fan with a black lace leaf decorated with a line of dancing putti carrying a floral garland. The sticks are carved and gilded mother-of-pearl, decorated with oval medallions of putti. On each guard stick a medallion with the initials BF.
The Glamour of the Gilded Age
The end of the American Civil War saw the rise of the Gilded Age. A time of opulence for some and hardship for many, this era reached its heyday towards the end of the 1890s. From the salons and opera houses of Paris to the halls of the fine houses that lined Fifth Avenue, women’s...
Drawing of large, colorful birds perched in tree branches peering down at a group of the Audubon Society bird-watchers represented in small scale black and white. They point, take notes, and look through field glasses. Birds depicted based on Audubon prints.
Nothing’s Flocking
Christina Malman was born in Southhampton, England in 1912. When she was two year’s old she moved to New York City, where she lived and worked for the rest of her life. Christina began her career as a cover artist for the “New Yorker” magazine in the mid 1930’s. Over the course of twenty years,...