Art Clock is the only gallery that uses artwork to tell time. The gallery is created by users scouring the Smithsonian Open Access catalog for art that could be interpreted as an analog clock face. Our goal is to use collective brain power to find and display a uniquely appropriate image for every minute of a day. The result is a novel way of curating content and a playful way of bringing art to daily life, one minute at a time.


Red Paper Heart is an award winning art studio specializing in interactive experiences that inspire joy and wonder.  The team is composed of designers, creative coders, animators, producers, engineers and developers collaborating to create bold work that explores the possibilities of experiential art and design.

TEAM MEMBERS: Zander Brimijoin — Creative Director; Daniel Scheibel — Technical Director; Lisa Walters — Executive Producer; Greg Schomburg — Lead Developer; Erin Stowell —  Head of Production; Jiwon Ham — Lead Designer