Sarah Basil, age 16
Bergen County Academies, Hackensack, NJ
Teacher: Scott Lang

Modern telemedicine is used to reduce the risk of contracting infectious diseases, but the drawback is that the main diagnostic skills such as listening to the heart and lungs, are not possible, making it difficult to get an accurate and immediate diagnosis. This can negatively affect both patients and healthcare professionals. The CompDia program is a remote patient to doctor conferencing tool for accurate at-home diagnosis. The device has a main body, three attachable heads that serve multiple functions, and a blood pressure monitor wristband. Through the app, patients can connect with and find doctors all over the world, and view results in real-time. Through CompDia, not only will scheduling be easier, but it also reduces the risk of contracting a disease, reduces the waiting time during visits, and reduces difficulty for elderly people to arrange an appointment. Patients will also be able to feel an interpersonal connection with their doctor.

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