Just wanted to highlight something new for the Wallcoverings department. This is an actual textile produced in a weight appropriate for walls. The heavier weight allows this to be pasted and applied directly to the wall just like wallpaper without the need for a paper backing.

Swirl is a non-repeating design of coiled colored fibers on a multi-color ground. Each of the coils was hand rolled using a blend of colors, then sliced like a roll of cookie dough before being needle-punched onto the multi-color base fabric. The needle-punch process creates patterns and color blends not easily produced using standard printing techniques. Unlike standard wallpapers the density of this fabric also offers acoustic properties.

Swirl was produced using Manne’s patented needle punch process called lamontage. This ancient technique involves barbed needles repeatedly passing through polyester fibers into a fabric support binding the fibers together. The fibers are manipulated and the pattern is set using a hand punch in Manne’s New York studio. After the pattern is completed the fabric is run through a commercial high-speed, high density needling machine which securely and permanently interlocks the fibers to the base fabric. This process also blends the different color fibers together. After the fabric passes out of the machine it is coated with a binder for durability and treated with nano silver particles to make it antimicrobial. This step also makes the product mildew free and stain resistant.

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