Enjoy our monthly round-up of some of our favorite moments captured by visitors. Make sure to tag your photos #cooperhewitt on Instagram to be featured in next month’s post!

  1. @_justinerivera_ reflected on the wall design in #FragileBeasts.

  2. @andre.chile discovered a new perspective on Gareth Pugh’s work in #DesignTriennial.

  3. @anninax3 let loose in the Heatherwick Studio’s Spun Chair.

  4. @clericuz contemplated the color orange.

  5. @dainsuh got in touch with her emotions.

  6. @gordon_scarier caught a moment of Katherine Maxwell’s “Movement” at Cocktails at Cooper Hewitt.

  7. @jhogarty_ got up close and personal with the mansion entryway.

  8. @katemonster03 inspected some of our #FragileBeasts.

  9. @kayla_n_becker played with pattern in the Immersion Room.

  10. @mandevillegallery zoomed in on beasts in battle in #FragileBeasts.

  11. @miguelgomez1994 took advantage of a selfie stick to take a pic with the mansion.

  12. @peradastyle channeled her artistic skills into a sketch at the Arthur Ross Terrace & Garden.

  13. @seanmoney_elizabethfay stopped to take a peek at a dress in #DesignTriennial.

  14. @shaybramson captured a mirror selfie with a Herbert Miller vanity.

  15. @stella_alexandru observed the wonder of mirrors in #ThomBrowneSelects.

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