2016 is off to a snowy start but that hasn’t stopped our fantastic visitors from sharing their best Designgrams with us. To be featured in next month’s roundup, don’t forget to tag #cooperhewitt on your Instagram posts.

  1. @dan.arc captured an observer in Shop Cooper Hewitt.
  2. @dylbop found some colorful sights.
  3. @field_condition caught the museum’s sign after snowstorm Jonas hit the city.
  4. @franky.w admired their glow-in-the-dark copy of Making Design.
  5. @iiifan.loop knows that winter sunsets hold their own special kind of beauty.
  6. @jelloooh discovered the lights in the courtyard at night.
  7. @jjji_euny came prepared for her museum visit.
  8. @jordandelzell lent an arm to a psychedelic moment in the wallpaper immersion room.
  9. @kellydassault knows that love is all you need.
  10. @krislintz made mirror selfies look easy.
  11. @lukegboyd got up close and personal with the Chanin Building Gate.
  12. @m3smonse took in the whole world.
  13. @maya.ashke got a good grip on the snow post-storm outside our gates.
  14. @nhb_ found a way to get in character.
  15. @torotoro09 showed us her artistic prowess in the Process Lab.

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