See how screen printing works in this short video.

Master Printer Erik Hougen demonstrates how to screen print an image. He is working at the Lower East Side printshop in Manhattan, New York. The image being printed is a typewriter in the Cooper Hewitt collection.

This print took about 2 hours total.

About this series:
Design Dictionary is a new Cooper Hewitt video series that vividly illustrates a wide variety of creative techniques. Covering everything from glassblowing to bobbin lacemaking to 3D printing, the series aims to demystify the making of objects by providing a highly visual, behind-the-scenes look into designers’ studios, schools and homes as they work. Each video in the fourteen-part series is under 3 minutes long and features a different designer or artisan hand-picked to demonstrate their skill in action. All videos were shot entirely on-location in New York City.

“Vox Bubble Rumba” – Podington Bear
from The Sound of Picture Production Library