See how ceramics are made in this short video.

Gil Grimmett shows how to create a basic project on the pottery wheel at Clayworks on Columbia in Brooklyn, New York.

This piece took about 4 hours of active work, plus about 72 hours of air-drying and kiln-firing.

About this series:
Design Dictionary is a new Cooper Hewitt video series that vividly illustrates a wide variety of creative techniques. Covering everything from glassblowing to bobbin lacemaking to 3D printing, the series aims to demystify the making of objects by providing a highly visual, behind-the-scenes look into designers’ studios, schools and homes as they work. Each video in the fourteen-part series is under 3 minutes long and features a different designer or artisan hand-picked to demonstrate their skill in action. All videos were shot entirely on-location in New York City.

“No Squirell Commotion” – Podington Bear
from The Sound of Picture Production Library