Hugo Dreyfuss was a textile designer and printer, and the business partner of the furniture designer Vladimir Kagan for ten years, from 1950 to 1960. The two met through the artist Emanuel Romano, the brother of Dreyfuss's wife Beatrice Glicenstein. Kagan's business was a family operation, with his father overseeing the factory, and his mother running the small shop on East 65th Street. Dreyfuss's investment in the company enabled them to move to a larger, more prestigious location at 125 East 57th Street. Kagan-Dreyfuss Inc. expanded their range of products and began producing a catalog.

Dreyfuss was an artist and printmaker, and took particular interest in printed textiles. In addition to hand-printing his own designs, Dreyfuss brought in a full-time weaver, Nadia Cheripov, who set up her loom in one of the display windows of the shop. The company also sold the work of Dorothy Liebes and other weavers. This piece was hand-printed by Dreyfuss. 

In 1960 the partnership was dissolved. Kagan closed the store and reopened at 81st Street and East End Ave as a showroom to the trade only, and Dreyfuss retired.

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