The Campana Brothers’ TransPlastic collection tells a fictional story: in a world made of plastic, nature grows from the plastic and overpowers it. This conceptual collection reflects the Campanas’ preference for juxtaposing contrasting materials and manipulating the scale of domestic furniture. The series treats the natural fiber as clothing or a prosthetic addition, transforming the furniture’s original shape with organically shaped extensions.

The Trans… chair, which the Campanas created specifically for Cooper-Hewitt’s Campana Brothers Selects exhibition, takes inspiration from an imaginary battle between nature and plastic. The chair expels plastic elements such as cleaning product bottles and small tires in an attempt to become one hundred percent natural. Natural matter finally neutralizes the plastic, eliminating any remaining plastic elements.

Born and raised in the Brazilian countryside, now working in the middle of hyper-urban São Paulo, the Campanas explore the disparity between these two extremes by creating bridges and dialogues in which the exchange of information is a source of inspiration. Since 1983, they have focused on reinventing the usage of everyday materials.

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