Bill working in his new office located in the Education Department trailer.

While the office trailers have been a fixture in Cooper-Hewitt’s garden for the last two years, they recently gained a high-profile resident. Cooper-Hewitt’s Director, Bill Moggridge, has migrated from his grand office in the Museum’s mansion into the Education department trailer for the next month. Education is the first of several departments where he will make his home throughout the spring and summer. Bill’s goal is to experience the dynamics of each department firsthand and get to know people better. Our new officemate arrived on Monday morning with his suite of computers and ergonomic desk chair in tow, setting up shop at the desk usually reserved for interns. Bill quickly adjusted to the lack of free and easy coffee access and the need for an umbrella to attend a meeting in the mansion on a rainy day. Not only does Bill get to know us better, but we also have the pleasure of becoming better acquainted with our Director. We have already enjoyed watching a funny birthday video he made for a friend and are indebted to him for safely relocating a bumblebee from our trailer into the more pleasant floral area of the garden. My colleagues and I fully understand how unorthodox this new arrangement is, but it only makes us enjoy it more and appreciate what Bill is looking to do. He seems to enjoy being in the trenches.

Bill in the Director’s Office in the Mansion before the move.

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