Were you the kid doodling in the back of the classroom? During gym did you draw elaborate designs on your arm with a Bic pen while waiting to be picked for a team? If you are reading a design blog I would think you might have been one of those kids.

In my previous post Tex-Mex, Teens and Design? I mention a design high school that brings design and design thinking not only in the art room, but in the core academic areas. These great schools are still far and few between, but the Cooper-Hewitt Education Department is looking to change that by helping educators find ways to integrate design into their curriculum through our online Educator Resource Center (ERC). We are asking our design blog readers to help us harness the energy and creativity of the ‘doodler’ and show the ‘star’ student that there is more than one right answer by aiding their teachers.

Help us teach the teachers about design thinking and creative problem solving by joining our converation board. Start a conversation or make a comment. K-12 teachers from all over the world and our staff share ideas, links, or just voice frustrations about their classrooms. Conversations range from Does thinking like a child spark innovation and creativity? to It’s Time To Trust Teachers with the Internet. Share great articles, videos or your thoughts with teachers who are actively looking to find ways to excite their students by thinking like designers. Who knows, you might find your 10th grade biology teacher and give them a tip or two.

The Educator Resource Center in a nutshell
The Educator Resource Center (ERC) section of our website shares information with K-12 educators on how to bring design thinking into their classroom by hosting lesson plans, a conversation board, videos, and online resources related to design. Anyone can take advantage of the ERC content, but to post a conversation or submit a lesson just sign-up for a free account.

conversation board


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