Brazilian designers Humberto and Fernando Campana will receive the prestigious Designer of the Year Award at this year’s Design Miami.

Earlier this year, the brothers mined the museum’s collection and chose a diverse group of more than thirty objects, dating from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries for the Campana Brothers Select: Works from the Permanent Collection exhibition. The exhibit was on view at Cooper-Hewitt from January through August and included the Trans… Chair, created expressly for the museum. The culmination of the TransPlastic series, where nature wins in the final battle between natural and synthetic world, discarded plastic objects explode out of a woven café chair.

In Miami, the Campanas will revisit the TransPlastic series, to create a series of biomorphic islands for the visitors to sit on and explore. The seating, Diamantina, will combine two abundant Brazilian materials, amethyst crystals and Apui fiber to create a “new mode of comfort and interaction.”

“The inspiration for the name alludes to the precious stones incrusted into the piece, and is also the name of a small town in the central part of Brazil. There, all different kinds of stones and crystals are sold like candy on the street markets. The city is ugly and seems as if it was lost in time, continuing to live quietly on the heart of Brazil. By its mixture of materials, both poor by the wicker and precious by the combination with the natural amethyst, as the city, Diamantina piece evokes the same sensation of long forgotten poetry.”
Congratulations Humberto and Fernando!

Congratulations Humberto and Fernando!

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