Fernando and Humberto Campana grew up in Brotas, Brasil, 235 kilometers (146 miles) north of São Paulo. When the Campanas were growing up it was a small town that was renowned for its exuberant natural features and good soil for growing coffee.

“Brotas is home, it is where everything began. We had very little to do in such a small town, so the geography of our surroundings were the instruments of our playtime. Brotas is an (sub)urban place full of rivers, waterfalls, trees and animals and we carry these imprints whether we want it or not.

In Brotas we also learned about movies. The movie theater run by an uncle of ours showed all kinds of vanguard films such as Bertolucci, Stanley Kubrick, Fellini, Polanski and Brazilian productions. This allowed us to dream and create with no boundaries as these great filmmakers.

That played a very important part in our lives: today we try to translate that small countryside town into our designs.”

—Fernando and Humberto Campana

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