Author: Micah Walter

Meet the Staff: Nate Wilcox
Can you explain a little bit about the Operations Department at Cooper-Hewitt? The Operations department at Cooper-Hewitt includes Facilities, Visitor Services, Museum Logistics, IT support, Safety and Disaster management. The team is responsible for keeping the Museum’s facilities running. An important aspect of our work is managing the Museum’s relationship with several different Smithsonian central...
Meet the Staff: Robert Nachman
Can you explain a little bit about the type of work you do here at Cooper-Hewitt as the Director of Retail? I oversee the retail aspect of the museum which at the moment, due to the renovation, is focused on our on-line shop as well as pop-up shops such as the one we currently have...
adAPTing to Small Living
I’ve long admired Donald Deskey’s drawing, Design for "Sportshack" (1940) in the Cooper Hewitt’s collection. When I first saw it, I immediately imagined what it might be like to live in this elegantly proportioned little gem of a house. As one half of a couple sharing our own micro-apartment,  I understand the challenges of paring...
Object of the Month: Balcony Grill
Although probably best known as the designer of the iconic Paris Metro station metalwork, Hector Guimard (1867-1942) one of the most prominent innovators of the art nouveau style, was an architect who focused on domestic design in many media.  I find his ability to find a way to execute his design aesthetic in many media...
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Object of the Month: Newsworthy
Newsworthy combines age-old techniques with the modern notion of recycling. Woven on handlooms using the same technique as traditional grasscloth, the wallpaper is composed of 100% recycled newspaper and nylon filament. The bulk of the world's grasscloth has always been made in Japan. Traditionally woven from the bark of the honeysuckle vine, grasscloth used as...
Design Ignites Change Award Winners
By Andréa Pellegrino, Worldstudio Design Ignites Change, an initiative of Worldstudio, promotes and encourages talented high-school and college students across the country to use design thinking and innovation to develop actual projects that will benefit their own communities while giving them a voice on important social issues. The winning projects of the Fall 2011 Design...