Morse Historic Design Lecture Series

Image of Brittany Nicole Cox, horologist, on stage at Cooper Hewitt
The Morse Lecture | Designing the Sublime: Mechanism, Risk, and Wonder
DESIGNING THE SUBLIME: MECHANISM, RISK, AND WONDER World-renowned antiquarian horologist Brittany Nicole Cox explores the diverse utilization of the machine in design through a selection of objects drawn from the collections of Cooper Hewitt and other Smithsonian museums. Examples range from a nineteenth-century singing bird box to the world’s first tuning fork watch. Cox makes...
Dr. Ulrich Leben delivers the Morse Historic Design Lecture from the podium at Cooper Hewitt
The Morse Lecture | A Grand Statement: The Surtout de Table
Dr. Ulrich Leben discusses the ornamental grammar of the surtout and its relationship to the interior architecture of the Palais Beauharnais
The Morse Lecture | Local Quality, Global Scope–Saving Color Through Tacit Knowledge
Designer Claudy Jongstra presents the in-depth knowledge of experimenting and working with products from the land.
During the Morse Historic Design Lecture, Beatrice Quette, a woman with short curly dark hair lectures from the podium at Cooper Hewitt while audience members look on.
The Morse Lecture | Japan, the West, and the Emergence of Japonism in Design
Béatrice Quette looks at the design objects and art that fueled the West’s enthusiasm for Japan.
Image of Ashley Callahan presents a lecture about Ilonka Karasz at Cooper Hewitt
The Morse Lecture | Ilonka Karasz: Elusive Modernist
The Morse Historic Design Lecture | Ilonka Karasz
Jazz musician Victor Goines plays the saxophone
The Morse Lecture | Victor Goines
Jazz musician Victor Goines is the featured speaker for this year's Morse Historic Design Lecture Series.
Morse Lecture | Ben Macklowe on Louis Comfort Tiffany: Artist & Innovator
Louis Comfort Tiffany used exotic motifs, extraordinary color, and abstracted forms in his lamps and art glass to become one of the most instrumental figures in American design history. While the Tiffany Studios stopped producing goods almost a century ago, the meticulous craftsmanship that went into the making of the studio’s lamps and vases has...
Cowcumbers and Cornucopia: Rediscovering the Grotesque in Design
Lecture by Sarah Grant, Curator in the Word and Image department of London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. Talk given in conjunction with the exhibition ‘Fragile Beasts’ (on view at Cooper Hewitt June 10, 2016 through January 16, 2017). In this talk Sarah Grant gives an overview of the grotesque in all its many fanciful and...
Painted Pleats: A History of European Fan Painting
Jacob Moss, Curator of London’s Fan Museum, traces the evolution of over 200 years of fan painting, using examples from Cooper Hewitt and The Fan Museum collections. This lecture is part of the Morse Historic Design Lecture Series. With the recent resurgence of interest in hand-held fan design, Cooper Hewitt’s historic collection of fans is...