Designing Recovery Housing
Jaunita Valdez-Cox is the Executive Director of LUPE (La Unión Del Pueblo Entero) and Brent Brown is the founder of bcWORKSHOP. Brown and his team at bcWORKSHOP ‘s project, RAPIDO Rapid Recovery Housing, is featured in the exhibition By the People: Designing a Better America, curated by Cynthia Smith, Curator of Socially Responsible Design at...
In the shadows of the Brooklyn bridge, homeless girl spray painting a yellow house onto her home, which is a box. On this box bubble letters, in black: THIS SIDE UP.
Crisis on the Lower East Side
During the 1980s, there was a severe housing crisis in New York City. The building of residential properties had declined during the economic depression of the preceding decade and the limited supply of affordable housing caused a sharp increase in homelessness. In neighbourhoods like the Lower East Side, absentee landlords permitted old buildings to fall...
Ascendant Public Architecture
Over the next months while the Design with the Other 90%: CITIES exhibition is on display at the United Nations Headquarters in New York several individuals whose own research explores the exhibition’s subject matter have been invited to write blog entries sharing their insights, related research and projects. – Cynthia E. Smith, Curator of Socially...
Case Study: Community Upgrading in Bangkok, Thailand
This discussion is centered on Thailand’s Baan Mankong Community Upgrading Project, a particularly successful example of housing improvement, land-tenure security, and infrastructure development that places slum communities at the center of the upgrading process.
Bill’s Design Talks: Haiti Panel
Richard Kurin, Under Secretary for History, Art and Culture at the Smithsonian will moderate a discussion with Atim Oton, co-founder of the Black Design News Network, and Amy Wilentz, author and journalist, about the design implications and opportunities arising from disaster relief efforts in Haiti. Among the efforts discussed are the "Haiti Cultural Recovery Project,"...
Straw and Earth
An energy-efficient straw bale house is being built on the Mall, across the street from the US Capitol. Natural builders from around the country converged on Washington DC to construct the straw shelter and a bamboo shade structure. Rose Morin, a green builder from New Mexico and one of the over dozen volunteers with Builders...
Voûte Nubienne Affordable Housing
In sub-Saharan Africa, traditional building techniques are no longer feasible; due to increased deforestation use of timber for roofing and posts is not viable. Adapting an ancient architectural technique used in Sudan and Asia to West Africa, provides an affordable alternative. The Voute Nubienne (VN) or Nubian Vault technique uses local materials (mud bricks dried...
Salvage Shed
Many families are still crowded into one-bedroom FEMA trailers even 2 years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the US Gulf Coast. The Building Goodness Foundation has been providing relief to these cramped conditions building extra rooms for storage or a living room, even an extra bedroom. Over 150 of these extra rooms have been built in...