Father’s Day

On tan ground, imprinted in green, in a stencilled typeface (echoing stencils found on bales of tobacco), across upper edge: EL PRODUCTO / cigars. Lower right quadrant, imprinted in brown: for Dad... / with love / and kisses; three images of lips in red; at center left an image of a man in the form of a brown cigar, wearing yellow and red brimmed hat and holding a cigar in one hand and a cane in the other. A product label, in white, red and yellow, is wrapped around the upper part of the cigar.
A Cigar a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Throughout the majority of his career, comedian George Burns (1896-1996), was rarely seen without his favorite cigar in hand – the El Producto Queens. He reportedly smoked 10-15 cigars each day and lived to be 100. At 98 he was even quoted saying, “If I’d taken my doctor’s advice and quit smoking when he advised...