China Blue
A pleasant Chinoiserie paper from the turn of the twentieth century. Machine-printed in two shades of blue, the focal point of the design features two chinoiserie figures under a fruit tree. One figure holds a net and a curved stick – presumably tools used to gather the tree’s bounty – and the other rests under...
Chinoiserie pattern in blue on a cream colored ground. Two figures, on carrying a standard, mount a fantastical staircase toward a pagoda. Flowers and figures are in the style of French artist Jean-Baptiste Pillement. Rococo style scrolls throughout. Bottom edge bound with white braid. Blue warps at each edge.
Chinese Figures
This textile’s whimsical chinoiserie scene was inspired by the work of French artist Jean-Baptiste Pillement (1728 – 1808), and printed by Bromley Hall, a prominent textile printing manufactory in Middlesex, England. As discussed in a previous Object of the Day post, Pillement’s fanciful illustrations inspired myriad textile designs, especially in the late-eighteenth century. Although this...
Roll of paper printed in a repeating design of flowers and foliage in the style of Pillement. Roll formed of joined sheets.
Chinoiserie Wallpaper
This colorful 18th century English wallpaper was designed in the style of Jean Pillement, the celebrated French illustrator of chinoiserie and some-time royal painter to Marie Antoinette. The repeating pattern of flowers and foliage show Asian motifs as interpreted through a Western lense. In 1755 a folio entitled “A New Book of Chinese Ornaments, Invented...