Abram Hewitt

Composite image of two photographs. The left, a portrait of Peter Cooper. He is an older man with small glasses and a bushy white beard. He is pictured from the chest up, facing forward, and looking directly into the camera. On the right is a portrait of Andrew Carnegie. Also an older man, Carnegie has white hair and a white, groomed beard and mustache. He wears a three-piece black suit and a bow tie. He is pictured from the chest up, turned in three-quarter view, looking at the viewer.
Cooper Hewitt Short Stories: The Hewitts & The Carnegies
In last month’s Short Story, Jodi Rodgers discussed the drawings of Robert Frederick Blum and the purveyance of American drawing through the Cooper Union Museum’s collection. This month, we address the “Who is Cooper?” and “Who is Hewitt?” and “Why Carnegie?” questions that often accompany introductions of Cooper Hewitt’s name and location. We investigate and...