Aliki van der Kruijs

Photo of a person in a black raincoat kneeling on the ground next to a large rectangular sheet spattered in blue and weighed down by fist-sized rocks evenly spaced along its edges.


Color photograph of a woman with long hair, looking directly at the camera, holding a bag in her hands while standing against a yellow background.

Aliki van der Kruijs (Dutch, born 1984) has a studio in The Hague, the Netherlands and works on self-initiated research projects, collaborations, and commissions. She received a bachelor’s degree in Fashion at ArtEZ University of Visual Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands, and her master’s degree in Applied Art at the Dirty Art Department of the Sandberg Instituut  in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In one of her projects at the Sandberg Instituut, she juxtaposed her background in graphic design, photography, and fashion design with research into the way textiles can be a means of communication and a meaningful framework to highlight the relationship between humans and nature. In 2017 she had a three-month residency in Arita, Japan, to work with porcelain. She currently teaches Research and Design at the TXT department of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.


A model whose long dark hair obscures her face lifts above her head a navy blue scarf speckled with an irregular pattern created by raindrops. The sky behind her is gray and stormy.
Q&A with Aliki van der Kruijs, Designer
Aliki van der Kruijs is a Dutch designer who invented “pluviagraphy,” a technique with which she records the falling of raindrops on textiles and porcelain as part of an ongoing project titled Made by Rain. Made by Rain recently entered the permanent collection of Cooper Hewitt, following its inclusion in the exhibition Nature—Cooper Hewitt Design...