Author: Karin Zonis

On a ground of floral motifs in pink, lavender, and green, a blocked out area of ground in darker tones, six lines of text, five as though crossed with a black marker. The last line reads: 6. “I knew, as did everyone, that Bicêtre was both hospital and prison; but I did not know that the hospital had been built to nurture sickness, the prison to nurture crime.”
Identity and Symbolism in the Poster Art of Rebeca Méndez
Rebeca Méndez has come to terms with her identity.  Having been called a teacher, filmmaker, photographer, graphic designer, and fine artist, Méndez has lovingly embraced all of these labels.  In fact, Méndez has always been interested in different disciplines. For most of her childhood, she trained as an Olympic gymnast, learning to use movement to...
On brown ground, design in green and yellow with black boxes of yellow text: MY / STUDY . FIRE / BY / HAMILTON . W . MABIE.
The Book-Cover Designs of Alice C. Morse
This sketch for a book cover by Alice Cordelia Morse (1863-1961) is a far cry from what book covers look like today. With its organic forms and handmade attributes, My Study Fire is an example of the late 19th-century characteristic Arts and Crafts/Art Nouveau style in America. Alice Morse studied drawing at the Woman’s Art...