Author: Elizabeth Mattison

Dish with bright yellow well; border of flattened natural-colored blossoms outlined in thick black on yellow ground.
Women, Charity, and Craft in America
This buttercup-yellow plate was made by Fanny Levine, a member of the Saturday Evening Girls Club. Founded in 1899 by Edith Guerrier, a librarian, and Edith Brown, an illustrator, the Saturday Evening Girls Club was a charitable organization dedicated to the education of poor immigrant women, particularly Jewish and Italian, living in the North End...
Two roughly rectangular choir seats, each carved on undersurface, with shallow rests supported by: a stooped figure of a bearded man flanked by foliate roundels (-1a); head of a bearded man with flowing hair, flanked by foliate roundles (-1b); each seat with indentations for hinges on lower left and right.
The Wild Man from Wells Cathedral
Framed by swirling green leaves, the face of a man with protruding brows and a scraggly beard graces this misericord. Sometimes called a ‘mercy seat,’ the misericord was the small ledge that protruded from the undersides of folding seats in a choir stall in a medieval church or cathedral. Medieval liturgical services were conducted eight...