My experience working with the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum’s Hive Fashion program has been amazing. It has allowed a place for all of my talents and interests to mesh together to create a professional product. The program has been inspiring, innovative, and epic. Two main threads running through the 24 sessions are the strength of teamwork and the power of an idea. Collaboration with my fellow team members propelled me to work and develop my creativity.  I feel ready to use all that I've learned to pursue my goal of becoming a world-renowned designer. My participation in Hive Fashion has made me feel that a career in fashion is not only attainable, but that I can shoot for the moon!

Hive Fashion has taught me many of the professional techniques of the fashion industry. Working with Christopher Bevans and his entire team at Christopher Bevans Atelier (CBA)  trained me to act, work, and solve problems like a professional. I found the CBA group encouraging and always willing to help. They explained new processes to me in clear, step-by-step terms. I've learned Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, fabric analysis, and how to construct garment tech packs (just to name a few skills). But the most important thing I've learned is to always have a passion for whatever I pursue in life.

My team and I were responsible for designing a sweatshirt and pants, and later incorporated a hand-sewn purse. It was a challenge from beginning to end. I was re-introduced to sewing as well as pattern-making skills.  After cutting and sewing pieces of our pants I felt more confident in my skills, and I was excited to tackle the sewing machine. My computer skills evolved so that now I'm comfortable using the programs to work on my designs. I’ve acquired skills and tools that I'll reference throughout my life.

The Hive Fashion program taught me how much I enjoy the brand-development process–so much so that I now plan to attend college for production management. Prior to Hive Fashion I was not interested in higher education, but the program has changed my perception of wanting to learn new things and be proud of it. The designers and mentors not only taught me a lot of things, but I believe they've shaped a part of my personality. They've shown me the power of a creative mind, and have helped me think about a career in design in a whole new light.

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