Ready, Set, Design is one of our favorite group activities, for adults and kids alike, at Cooper-Hewitt. It’s a highly adaptable design challenge that can jump-start collaborative and creative thinking in any group. We use it with kids’ groups at the Museum, for internal staff meetings, and even at industry conferences and summits we host. The activity is such a success with our participants that we’ve gotten a lot of requests for a how-to guide.

Here it is! We created this short instructional video and accompanying PDF that explain Ready, Set, Design for group leaders. Use it at your next meeting, class, rehearsal, or brainstorm session – any place you need a fresh burst of creativity.

One thought on “Ready, Set, Design!

My adopted grandson is 12 years old from Colombia 3 years ago. He adores designing with cardboard boxes and his available toys at hand. He plays for hours with an architectural eye for stations of activity into which he climbs, decorates, draws on and invents the reasons for the story he develops (singing, talking, sounding out) as he plays. I am looking for a kind of architectural design activity that would allow him a furthering of his talent. Your Design Media program may be just the thing! I would like to sign him up. We are coming for our first visit to the museum today! 1/31/15
Thanks, Nan the Grandmother

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