Teens from around the city joined us for a two-day product-design workshop led by instructor Julia Chiang. It was an unexpected design medium for sure – candy! Julia Chiang uses a wide variety of materials in her sculpture and installations, including nostalgic and sweet ring pops. Chiang is known for her use of the colorful candy in a number of works, in which she spells out words and mounts the ring pops to gallery walls. When exposed to lights, the candy slowly melts and drips down the walls, creating a unique effect.

Participants in the workshop explored candy as a design medium with a multitude of existing colors, textures, and smells. They were challenged to think beyond candy’s existing “functions.” If everything can be used in new and different ways, can we potentially create something out of anything? The students designed pieces that were abstract, representational, temporary, or permanent.


This sweet workshop was topped off with a visit to Papabubble. The folks at the Broome Street candy shop shared their candy-making skills by sculpting beautiful handmade candies right before our eyes, inspiring the students to head back to the design studio and mold their own eye-popping creations. The delectable results ranged from candy architectural models and drinkware to candy-wrapper dresses.

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