Our May blog post featured Sophomore Scholars students preparing to participate in the annual Jell-O Mold Competition. On Saturday, June 25th, their designs were unveiled at the Gowanus Studio Space in Brooklyn. Twenty-three designs were submitted in this year’s competition, the first to feature high-school students’ work. Scholars were joined by leading product and industrial designers during a series of workshops, where they sketched, prototyped, and taste-tested their Jell-O mold concepts. The results were jiggly and delicious!


Leslie Finnie, Makayla Rodriguez, and Priscilla Acevedo’s Team Esprell-O created marvelously realistic, edible espresso cups and saucers filled with coffee and cream flavored Jell-O. Team Dentures, comprised of Kyla Blakeny and Suzan Akpinar, expertly rendered gums and teeth out of the gelatinous substance. After the crowd and judges viewed and sampled all submissions, it was time to deliberate. We were absolutely thrilled when we heard the names of our Scholars students announced as the winners of THREE categories! The People’s Choice and Structural Integrity Awards went to Team Dentures, and Team Esprell-O took home the prize for Aesthetics.

Congratulations to our Scholars and all the winners for their wonderfully wobbly creations! Special thanks to Ingrid Zweifel, Monica Bhatia, Carla Diana, Michael Glaser, Oscar Lopez, Peter Pracilio, Nadia Siddiqui, and Michelle Zatta for imparting their wisdom and inspiring our teens!

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