James Carpenter Design Associates opened their studio doors to Cooper-Hewitt Members on October 6. Members were captivated by the ‘show and tell’ of prismatic effects of transmitted and reflected light. JCDA seeks to bring light into our lives in a way we recognize, translating its abundance or rareness, and always its richness. Masters of animating space with light, JCDA has heightened important environments such as the entrance to the 2000 Sydney Olympic Park in Australia; transformed the public experience of buildings such as 7 World Trade Center, Hearst Tower, and Columbus Center in Manhattan; and entirely redefined the recently completed expansion of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem – a project on which JCDA was the lead designer.



James Carpenter Design Associates was featured in Cooper-Hewitt’s Design Life Now: National Design Triennial 2006 and 2002 National Design Award Winner for Environment Design. Read more about JCDA’s architectural adventures in the recent NYT article.



Images: 7 World Trade Center, Hearst Building ©Andreas Keller

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