A low cost UV water filter is making an impact in the field. Mexican non-profit Niparaja teamed with AquaStar and the local Technological Institute on the design of the low cost UV Bucket water filter. AquaStar/Meridian designed the 12V ballast that powers the UV lamp inside the UV Bucket, for use with solar panels in rural areas of Baja California Sur, Mexico.

The UV Bucket combines a 5 gallon (15 liter) bucket with a UV disinfection module. The user pours the water to be treated in an upper container, the water then flows under the UV lamp at a rate of 3 liters per minute and then falls into the 15 liter bucket where it is stored, purifying a full bucket of water in 5 minutes. Niparaja is fabricating and distributing 6,000 UV Buckets for 75-100% of the rural population in the state of Baja Sur. The rural school federation of Mexico is interested in 35,000 UV Buckets for every single rural school in Mexico. And the rural store chain DICONSA under the Mexican Ministry of Social Affairs in interested in selling UV Buckets in their 22,000 rural stores nationally.

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