Maira Kalman

Light bulb-shaped clear glass globe enclosing clear glass light bulb with silvered top; cylindrical, chromed metal base in shape of socket with horzontal ridges.
A Bulb Within A Bulb
It is very comforting to come home in the evening and turn on a light. ideally, it is not a fluorescent hanging from the ceiling. something soft and gentle. something to welcome in the night. something with a dimmer switch to modulate the mood. i love light bulbs. they tell a very straightforward story. they...
Maira Kalman paintings of Zig-Zag chair and a kantharos.
Loopy and Exalted
This chair is not comfortable to sit on, which defies the idea of a chair. But it is sublime and necessary. What is the obligation of the designer? What are we supposed to feel or do with the things around us? Reitveld was rigorous about what he would allow in a room. That is a...
2010 National Design Award: Communication Design – Stephen Doyle
See Stephen Colbert present the 2010 National Design Award for Communication to graphic designer Stephen Doyle. The Award for Communication Design recognizes the impact of design on the ways that we look, read, and think. Stephen Doyle gives words a deeper meaning in graphic form, resulting in an intelligent, provocative body of work. His clients...