From top: shoe designs by Jen Kao, Noritaka Tatehana, and Proenza Schouler One of the joys of design is its relentless pursuit of variation. Textbook design objects like the chair, cup, and lamp are reworked again and again – conduits for observation and interpretation of our most basic human tasks. Shoelust is a blog devoted...
Meet the Digital (youth) Interns
Digital (youth) interns tag objects in the Museum collection! Through the on-going program A City of Neighborhoods project the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum selected 5 students as digital (youth) interns. During a one-week internship youth met with curators at the Museum to discuss the e-museum collection and learn about the curatorial departments. The Digital Interns...
“Green” Exhibition Design
Most people go to exhibitions to look at the objects. Eggheads go to read the labels. Design geeks (and museum professionals like myself) want to study the installation itself. How are the platforms and cases constructed? How are the texts laid out? How are supplementary graphics handled? Cooper-Hewitt’s new exhibition Design for a Living World...