Hurricane Katrina

Cooper-Hewitt: Richard Campanella at City of Neighborhoods 2008
Richard Campanella tracks the physical geography, historical development, and population of New Orleans from colonial times to after Hurricane Katrina.
Why Design Now?: Viet Village Urban Farm
Why? After Hurricane Katrina, the Mary Queen of Viet Nam Church and the local Vietnamese community in New Orleans formed a community-development corporation, working with a design and engineering team to create a model for low-tech, sustainable site development. The Viet Village utilizes composting, crop rotation, and cover cropping as well as bio-filtration of water...
Salvage Shed
Many families are still crowded into one-bedroom FEMA trailers even 2 years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the US Gulf Coast. The Building Goodness Foundation has been providing relief to these cramped conditions building extra rooms for storage or a living room, even an extra bedroom. Over 150 of these extra rooms have been built in...