Louis XIV

Image features a print showing an allegorical figure of winter, a be-robed and bearded muscular old man, standing, leaning to his right, warming himself above the fire in a container at his feet. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Sculptures Fit for a King
The book, Recueil des figures, groupes, thermes, fontaines, vases, et autres ornemens tels qu’ils se voyent a present dans le Château et Parc de Versailles / / gravé d’apres les originaux par Simon Thomassin, graveur du Roy provides a comprehensive catalogue of the sculptures within the gardens at the Palace of  Versailles. Authored and published...
How to Build a Horse
Of the many bound prints from our Drawings, Prints & Graphic Design collection that were recently digitized, there are a few in particular that stand out. In these prints, French architect Germain Boffrand depicts the step-by-step process employed by Swiss founder Jean-Baltazar Keller to build a larger-than-life, 38-metric-ton sculpture of King Louis XIV on horseback, including...