View of a masquerade in a fantastical hall
Let’s Dance!
Dancers in outrageous costumes and masks mingle in a lavish interior. This finished drawing likely depicts a Parisian vauxhall, which were public entertainment spaces, often set in, or near, pleasure gardens. They were first popularized in seventeenth-century England, and became fashionable in France in the late 1760s with the construction of the Colisée (The French...
Cooper-Hewitt: Target Design Kids Festival
On July 17th, the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, 5th Avenue and 91st Street, presents the FREE Target Design Kids Festival! Kids become designers and make fun projects all day! Visit cooperhewitt.org to learn more.
Pioneers of Change
Yesterday I attended the kick-off event for Pioneers of Change, a festival of modern Dutch design, fashion, and architecture that is currently underway on Governor’s Island. Presented to celebrate the 400-year history of Dutch-American friendship, Pioneers of Change features installations by a number of leading Dutch designers in eleven former Officers’ houses at Nolan Park...