Image features patchwork medallion with a star pattern in unbleached cotton and three roller-printed cottons in browns, tans and pinks. Handwritten in dark brown ink in the center circle: "Olivia C. Whitridge, New Bedford, 1853." Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
A Lasting Remnant of a Friendship
Olivia Cushing Whitridge (1783-1876) was born to a prominent New England family with ties to Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine. She married William Whitridge, and the couple lived in New Bedford, Massachusetts. It was in New Bedford, a whaling town, that Olivia C. Whitridge created this “Mariner’s Compass” patchwork medallion. The Mariner’s Compass pattern “was...
Tangible Tuesdays: The Map Bag
The Map Bag is a messenger bag that’s also a compass. Eight small vibration motors sewn into the bag discreetly inform the wearer of compass information as she travels. In other words, it lets you read a compass with your body. The Map Bag could be particularly useful for bikers, the visually impaired, or time-efficient...