Author: Carolina Valdes-Lora

In black text, upper margin: film bulgaro en colores y cinemascope dirección: borislav sharaliev con: kosta tsonev maya / dragomanska yavo milushev. Title: el reo / necesario. Drawing of a blue wooden chair atop a transparent cube against a yellow background.
A Screenprint for a Film Screening
Spanish designer and illustrator Eduardo Muñoz Bachs (1937-2001) first pursued graphic design at the age of 16 without any formal training. As a working professional and animator, Bachs designed an extensive collection of screenprinted film posters for the Cuban Institute of Cinema Art and Industry, an organization centered in distributing advertisements for films made after the...
Poster: IBM, Every Man with an Idea Has at Least Two or Three Followers. Ken White (American, 1935-1985). Gift of Various Donors, 1981-29-442
A Bright Idea
Over a century ago, IBM founder, Chairman and CEO Thomas J. Watson Sr. (1874-1956) held a meeting with NCR (formerly National Cash Register) sales managers to brainstorm ways to improve the business. With little progress made, Watson’s frustration led him to declare the following: “The trouble with every one of us is that we don’t...
1997-21-7 Matt Flynn
A Maternal Touch for Refugees
At the beginning of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), the population of refugees increased rapidly. Among them were thousands of children who had evacuated to other European countries, such as the USSR and France, however, many stayed under the support of the Republican government of Spain. By 1937, government- funded housing welcomed refugee and orphaned...
Painting of woman with hands on knees and text saying UNION DE MUCHACHAS
Exercising Their Rights
Propaganda posters are among the most important documents remaining from the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). These posters are vivid testimonies depicting the social and political landscape that endured throughout Spain’s unrest.  Propaganda was seen on almost every building, disseminating messages against Fascism, military recruitment, and even the emancipation of women. These social agendas represented new...