Author: Jennifer Cohlman Bracchi

Photograph of Lighting Fixture from the Caldwell & Company Collection
Illuminating New York: Caldwell & Company
This black and white photograph represents just one of 37,000 from the National Design Library’s Caldwell & Company Collection. Also containing 13,000 original drawings and watercolor sketches, this immense visual resource comprises one of the largest lighting fixture archives by a single American company. The library has digitized a large portion of this collection which...
Statue of Liberty with rays of light extending from her crown
Lady Liberty’s baby pictures from the Kubler Collection
To celebrate the Statue of Liberty’s 126th birthday, we’ve pulled together some of her baby pictures. These earliest images of Lady Liberty, from our National Design Library’s George A. Kubler Collection, depict her before her dedication in 1886 on Bedloe’s Island—now Liberty Island. You might notice a few differences from the statue we know today,...