Author: Allison Grimes

Two views of sneaker described with great energy and movement. Sneaker in profile (above) in red (with black dots) and black (with white spots) and clear plastic cushioning in black and turquoise. Logo of man dunking basketball on rear of shoe. Sneaker sole (below), segmented in globular compartments, in red, black, and turquoise.
Building a Shoe
Inventor Tinker Hatfield is responsible for the original design concepts of Air Jordan sneakers, one of the most widely recognized and highly coveted products from the 1990s. The jagged line of color on the edge of the sole that became a trademark; the revolutionary “Air” bubble design, a small plastic window in the sole of...
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Holiday Shopping
In 1961, with the inauguration of its storewide import fairs, Bloomingdale’s commissioned its first series of designer bags to omit the store’s name. The department store became known for its “retail theater,” engaging leading artists, photographers, graphic designers, and fashion designers to create accompanying bags for special promotions. By the 1980s, Bloomingdale’s pioneered a more...