Richard Landis

Weaving Wonders of Richard Landis
American weaver Richard Landis’s works are characterized by complex design systems that echo the logic of their construction with a limited vocabulary of materials, texture, geometric forms, and colors. From his earliest days at the loom, Landis decided he would work only in plain weave and within the opportunities offered by handwoven, loom-controlled design. He...
Warp and Weft with Richard Landis
Author: Maleyne Syracuse In celebration of the fourth annual New York Textile Month, members of the Textile Society of America will author Object of the Day for the month of September. A non-profit professional organization of scholars, educators, and artists in the field of textiles, TSA provides an international forum for the exchange and dissemination...
Image of Richard Landis pointing at his weavings
Color Decoded: Richard Landis Extended Interview
Extended interview with Richard Landis was recorded in January, 2018, in his home studio in Prescott, Arizona.
Image of Richard Landis, a silver haired man wearing a white and blue checkered shirt, in his studio.
Color Decoded: Richard Landis’s Inspiration
Landis describes his inspiration for becoming a weaver and his process as a maker. 
Image features a grid of brilliantly colored rectangles of varied sizes on an unbleached linen ground. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
A Team Effort
From the Object of the Day archives, Landis II (1973) designed by Richard Landis in collaboration with Jack Lenor Larsen and now in the museum's permanent collection.