mother of pearl

Image features a ring composed of an wide adjustable silver band featuring a large piece of iridescent abalone shell with a lustrous baroque pearl. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Find a Treasure at the End of the Rainbow
The colors of the rainbow are captured in this ring by Francisco Rebajes, highlighting the luminescence that naturally occurs in abalone shell and pearls. This adornment for the hand  is composed of an adjustable silver band featuring a lustrous mass of shell from the abalone, a type of sea snail, combined with a baroque pearl...
Image features fruit knife with shaped silver and silver-gilt blade decorated with image of a Japanese woman in a kimono flanked by foliage designs; white, ridged mother-of-pearl handle. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
The Exoticism of a Fruit Knife; Merging Japanese Aesthetic and French Craft
To celebrate the opening of Iridescence, on view through March 24, 2019, Object of the Day this week will feature iridescent objects in the collection. This stunningly crafted fruit knife combines exquisite artistry and strong Japanese influence to elevate the everyday dining experience into an art form. As part of a substantial dessert service of...
Small writing desk with curved back continuing in natural curve down the back legs. Liftable writing surface inset with stamped leather. Surface on all sides decorated with Oriental design of petals of mother-of-pearl and entwining lines of brass and silver alloy.
A Bit of Zen
This desk is an example of the Italian interpretation of the Art Nouveau style, known as Stile Floreale. This desk model was exhibited by Carlo Zen, a Milanese furniture manufacturer, at the 1902 First International Exposition of Modern Decorative Arts, in Turin, Italy. The exhibition helped Italy to show the rest of the world that...