Signs of the Times: A Reminder about Isotype
While researching for the Symbol Sourcebook, Henry Dreyfuss was reminded of an important set of symbols from earlier in the 20th century.
Page from a book printed with three rows of simplified male bodies. Men in the first row are outlined in black with no fill, men in the second row printed in black, and men in the third row are printed in red. Beneath them, text reads "1 Sign for 1,000,000,000 men / White--red--black--brown--yellow men / Picture 14.
Picturing Language
Without much thought or effort, I’ve been reading images inspired by Otto Neurath’s International Picture Language for most of my life.  No doubt you too have encountered derivatives of these informative symbols which can be found across the globe and online, from airport signage to The Noun Project.  Considered an early pioneer of infographics, Neurath...