Image features: Quilt cover for a single bed. Red ground with design of stylized sunflowers and four groups of children engaged in reading, singing in a chorus with the red kerchiefs of the Young Pioneers, and dancing, some in ethnic costume. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Young Pioneers
The Young Pioneers of China, founded in 1949 as a Communist group for children aged six to fourteen, flies a red flag with a triangular cutout on its right edge. The group’s Constitution stipulates that members wear red scarves knotted around their necks to correspond with the flag’s missing section. This quilt cover depicts children...
Right-facing American flag consisting of 48 blue paste “stars,” in upper left; alternating red and white “stripes” (22 red glass paste “rubies” and 22 transparent glass paste “diamonds”) unfurled on a gilded metal flag pole with two free-swinging tassels suspended from fine link chains at the top; the tassels fringes hinged at the neck, allowing for movement.
Grand Old Flag
Patriotic jewelry is a term for works that are inspired by national symbols like flags or their colors. In the United Sates, the American flag, “Old Glory,” along with the American eagle and Uncle Sam, have been among the most popular motifs. While patriotic jewelry in both precious and non-precious materials has been around at least...